Air Conditioning for 1949-59 Studebaker C Cab Truck

Climatizer II For Studebaker C Cab Truck

  • Control switches mount into original control panel position
  • Electronic servo motor operation
  • Multi-speed blower fan speed adjustment
  • Dehumidified defrost mode fet by plenum shown
  • Floor exit heat and air
  • Mounts under the dash
  • Firewall plate for refrigerant & heater lines

1949-59 Studebaker C Cab Evaporator Kit

Vintage Air conditioning, heat and defrost unit comes with mounting bracket, duct hose, wiring harness and installation instructions
Installation Instructions

1949-59 C Cab Studebaker Truck

This is a  Vintage Air "Custom Fit" design kit.  This kit was engineered to fit the 1949-59 C Cab Studebaker trucks but may require some minor modifications to the firewall or under hood sheet metal.  The compressor bracket, crankshaft pulley and ac lines are designed to fit the original Studebaker engine.  You can order the "Evaporator Only" kit if you have a non-stock engine installed.

1949-59 Studebaker Truck

Vintage Air complete sure fit air conditioning system for 1949-59 Studebaker C Cab Truck. System includes evaporator kit, compressor, condenser, hose kit, dryer, binary switch and AC bracket.
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