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Vintage Auto Air Conditioning Parts

What types of vintage air conditioning parts do we carry?

Description: Classic Auto Air
Finding a part for your vintage automobile is not always easy. We understand that you want an easy, hassle-free shopping experience. That is why at Vintage Auto Air Conditioning we carry a wide array of air conditioning products specifically for the classic car owner. If you are wanting your classic car to have a state-of-the-art air conditioning system without compromising any of its classic appeal you have come to the right place. We have been a Vintage Air Top 10 Dealer since 2008 and carry a wide range of products to meet your classic auto air conditioning needs.

Here are some of the quality classic car air conditioning products you can find here at Vintage Auto Air Conditioning:

●     Sure fit air conditioning systems: These systems are designed specifically for your specific vehicle make and model. This system includes evaporator, control unit, compressor, condenser, hose kit, and compressor mounting unit. So this is a complete package designed specifically for your car. Some 60's and 70's models cannot be calibrated to run on the more environmentally-friendly 134 a refrigerant. Replacing it with a Sure fit air conditioning system will allow you to use the 134 a refrigerant or the R-12. We also understand that the “look” of your car is very important. Sure Fit systems retain the factory look of a vintage air condition system inside your vehicle yet improve the under hood appearance by eliminating all the heavy factory equipment.

●     Universal Unit- If we do not have a Sure fit system for your specific make and model we still offer a universal unit to meet your needs. No need to continue your search for an air conditioning system that will work in your vintage vehicle. Our universal units can be used in most any vintage auto out there.

●     Front Runner Serpentine Drive Engine System - We designed our Front Runner serpentine drive system  so your can upgrade your V-belt system to a more dependable serpentine belt system using our spring-loaded tension to eliminate excessive belt stretch. The Vintage Air design places all major components in a very tight configuration and is engineered for maximum performance. You will want you hood up to show off your new Front Runner Drive System. 

Why Choose Us?

At Vintage Auto Air Conditioning we strive to offer exceptional service for aftermarket air conditioning for classic cars.

As a top 10 Vintage Air dealer since 2008, we know we offer superior service to our customers. We have been in the vintage air conditioning business for over 25 years and are here to support you from the start of your project to the finish. No matter what your classic auto air conditioning needs are, we are here to help. Your system will come with an easy to read instruction booklet and parts that are designed for easy installation. All products also come with at least a one year warranty and our Sure fit line comes with a 3 year warranty.

We understand that you do not want to have to wait for your products. We offer fast, reliable shipping and typically ship your order within 3 business days of receiving your order. If you should have any questions after receiving your kit we are here and available to help. These systems are easy to install and with our customer support your project will be complete before you know it. These systems look great under the hood and with the support of over 500 authorized dealers nationwide; your project is a guaranteed success.

About Us

How did I get into the classic car air conditioning business?

My roots in the vintage air conditioning business go all the way back to 1988 when I was building a ‘61 Corvette and my friend Ben Bailey was building a ‘41 Ford Coupe. We decided to go to the Pate Swap Meet in Pate, TX to look for parts for our projects. This was my first swap meet ever and it took 3 days to walk through the whole meet. Spending 3 days walking through approximately 80 acres of parts was overwhelming. On the way back home Ben and I started talking about starting our own business and making these parts more readily available. By the end of the trip we had a name for our business and even stopped to buy some early model Chevy parts. The rest is history. My wife and I still own the business and are bringing quality classic auto air conditioning units to enthusiasts all over the country. Today I am a grandfather with five grandsons and one granddaughter. I look forward to building each and everyone of them their very own vintage automobile. When we are not building vintage cars we like going to amusement parks, fishing, riding bikes, hunting and when my granddaughter is concerned playing with dolls.

Pricing Structures

Our Vintage Air products are priced up to 10% below retail.

Description: Vintage Air
Many retailers choose to sell their products at retail price; however, at Vintage Auto Air Conditioning we choose to offer our products at a discounted rate. With every purchase you also get outstanding customer support and quick delivery.

The Sure fit system actually costs about the same price as replacing an original compressor and evaporator (on most models) but gives you a modern 134 A system.

Superior Quality- Vintage Air

Vintage Air offers superior-quality aftermarket air conditioning parts for classic cars and Vintage Auto Air Conditioning offers customer support to match.

You can depend on each Vintage Air product having the latest technology available, great efficiency and reliability.  The depth of the Vintage Air product line is designed to provide integrated solutions to every classic and performance car air conditioning application you need. If you have a vintage vehicle, we have an air solution for you. Vintage Air is referred to as the "World's Fastest Air Conditioning Company" and for good reason. They have received more industry awards than any company in the street rod air conditioning industry. If you want the best that is exactly what you will get with your new air conditioning system from Vintage Auto Air Conditioning. 

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