174015 Front Runner for Small Block Chevy with Power Steering

SB Polished Front Drive System


174015 Bright SB Chevy Front Runner with Power Steering Kit

Small Block Chevrolet Vintage Air Front Drive Front Runner System Includes:

Main Truss Mounting Bracket (machined finish)
- Tensioner Bracket
- Power Steering Bracket
- Stewart Hi-Performance Aluminum Water Pump
- ARP Polished Stainless Hardware
- Polished Sanden SD-7810 Compressor
- Polished 170 Amp 1 Wire "Hairpin" Internal Fan  Alternator
- Polished Compressor Clutch Cover
- Polished Tensioner Cover
- Chrome Crankshaft Pulley
- Chrome Water Pump Pulley
- Chrome Power Steering Pulley
- Dayco Perf Serpentine Drive Belt
- Dayco OEM Tensioner
- Delphi-Saginaw Power Steering Pump With Integral Reservoir
- Stainless Extended Heater Hose Nipple

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