Front Runner for Ford Coyote 5.0
Ford Coyote Front Runner Drive System

Ford Coyote Front Runner Drive System

Ford 5.0 Vintage Air Front Runner Drive System Includes:

- Precision Machined Compressor Bracket
- Sanden SD7 Compressor
- Compressor Clutch Cover
- Dephi-Saginaw Power Steering Pump 
- Precision Machined Power Steering Pump Bracket
- Power Steering Pulley
- Dayco Performance Serpentine Drive Belt
- Dayco OEM Tensioner
- Idler Pulley
- ARP Stainless 12 Point Bolt & Hardware Kit
Front Runner System Advantages
- Improves frame to engine clearance
- Compact compressor and fitting location
- Ultra-compact power steering pump mounts between the water pump and the A/C compressor.
- Optimal Compressor and power steering serpentine belt wrap
Coyote 5.0 Front Runner includes Vintage Air's exclusive, precision machined aluminum compressor cradle and power steering mount, Sanden SD7b10 compressor, compact power steering pump, hard anodized, precision machined aluminum pulleys, Dayco tensioner and serpentine belt, stainless steel ARP fasteners and detailed installation instructions. The system is designed to tetain the factory Ford alternator and water pump drive one the driver's side of the engine.
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