174029 Vintage Air Front Runner for LS1/LS2 Chevy with Power Steering
Low Profile LS "Black" Series Chevy Front Runner with Power Steering Kit

Low Profile LS "Black" Series Chevy Front Runner with Power Steering Kit

Our extra-clearance LS Front Runner™ system with the low-profile kit  includes a redesigned main truss-type bracket which provides additional space for aftermarket intake systems and larger throttle bodies. 

Fits LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS6, *LS9, LQ4, LQ9, L59, L92 & L99(requires 176005 Spacer Kit-$199)
*LS9 will not work with supercharger

LS Chevolet Vintage Air Front Drive Front Runner System Includes:

- Main Truss Mounting Bracket (black finish)
- ATI Harmonic Balancer
- Power Steering Pump Bracket
Edelbrock water pump with a replaceable cartridge 
- Polished Stainless Hardware
- Plain Finish Sanden SD Compressor With Formed Aluminum Hardlines
- Plain Finish 170 Amp 1 Wire "Hairpin" Internal Fan Alternator
- Black Compressor Clutch Cover
- Black Tensioner Cover
- Black Crankshaft Pulley
- Black Water Pump Pulley
- Black Power Steering Pump Pulley
- Dayco Perf Serpentine Drive Belt
- Polished Dayco OEM Tensioner
- Delphi-Saginaw Power Steering Pump With Integral Reservoir
Installation Instructions

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