Surefit Air Conditioning for 1947-87 Chevrolet Truck

Vintage Chevy Truck Air Conditioning Components

         Need a classic air conditioning System for your 1947 to 1987 Chevrolet Truck? The vintage Chevy Truck air conditioning systems are made specifically for each model of Chevy Truck. The 1947 to 1987 Gen IV evaporator has separate heating and cooling coils with a high volume blower giving you excellent quality, comfort and allowing infinite dash and floor blending. Each system includes the following:
  • Air conditioning, heat and defrost designed specifically for each truck.
  • Control assembly or cable converters to adapt your original control.
  • Mounts into existing holes in your dash and firewall.
  • Condenser with dryer and preformed hard lines to carry you through the core support.
  • Sanden 508 Compressor and the correct engine mounting bracket.
  • Comes complete with all mounting brackets, hardware, AC vents, duct hose, wiring and installation instructions.                                                                                    

Evaporator Kit for your Chevy Truck:  Air conditioning, heating and defrost combinations designed specifically for your truck.  Original heater or AC control assembly in your dash connects to and controls this unit.  Designed to mount to existing holes in your dash and firewall without drilling or fabrication.  Evaporator kit comes complete with control or cable converters for your original control, all mounting brackets, hardware, louvers, duct hose, wiring harness and installation instructions.

                1947-87 Gen IV Evaporator only   $950


Partial Kit:  Already have a compressor or planning to use a front drive system, order our partial kit. It comes with everything the complete kit has except for the compressor and mounting bracket.

                    Partial Kit    $1370

Complete aftermarket AC kits for chevy trucks:  The complete kit includes all above plus compressor, condenser and drier package. The condenser on your Chevy Truck attaches to existing radiator mounting holes.  No drilling or fabrication required.  Comes complete with compressor, condenser, mounting brackets, standard drier, safety switch, preformed aluminum lines and mounting hardware

             1947-87 Gen IV Complete Kit     $1655

This is a complete kit with everything you need to cool, heat and defrost your 1947 to 1987 Chevy Truck,

I know as an owner of a 1948 Chevrolet Truck, you want a high quality unit that doesn't compromise the beauty and functionality of your Chevy Truck and that is exactly what your get with the Vintage Air Sure Fit System.

The new aftermarket air conditioning for 1947-1987 Chevy trucks Gen IV Sure Fit System also feature:

  • Separate heating and cooling coils
  • A microprocessor or (ECU) that controls the door servos and monitors the coil temperature
  • Variable blower speeds, air blend and temperature control
  • Dehumidified defrost

If you a looking for a classic Chevrolet air conditioning system to cool your 1947 to 1987 C-10 Chevrolet Truck, our Vintage Air Sure Fit Chevy truck air conditioning kits are just what your need.

Note:  Some installations may require additional engine pulleys not included with kits.  You must provide v-belts and refrigerant.

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