Surefit Air Conditioning for 1964-72 Chevelle
           1966-67 Chevelle

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Chevelle Sure Fit System Features:

  • Mounts completely behind dash.
  • A C exits through dash vents.
  • Heat exits at floor.
  • Dehumidified defrost.
  • Smooth firewall.

Chevelle Air Conditioning | Vintage Auto Air Conditioning

The all new Vintage Air Gen IV Chevelle air conditioning, heating and defrost systems are a major step forward in performance aftermarket climate control systems.  The systems feature all electronic controls requiring no cable, capillary tube or vacuum connections.  They are truly "fly-by-wire".

These Gen IV systems use separate heating and cooling coils for superior performance.  The internal air control doors are servo operated to provide infinite dash, floor and defrost blending.

EVAPORATOR KIT:  Our Chevelle air conditioning kits, heating and defrost combination systems are designed specifically for your vehicle. In 1967-1969 models the original Chevelle AC deluxe control assembly in your dash connects to our new electronic cable-replacement modules to retain the factory look of your dash.  In 1970-78 models we include a new replacement control panel which mounts in place of your original panel. Evaporator kit comes complete with all mounting brackets, hardware, louvers, duct hose, wiring harness and installation instructions.  Sure Fit kits are designed to install with minimal drilling and no fabrication required

Gen IV Evaporator  $950

COMPLETE KIT:  All above plus under the hood kit including the condenser and drier package.  Attaches to radiator mounting holes.  No fabrication required.  The Vintage Auto Air conditioning kit for a 1970 Chevelle comes complete with compressor, Super Flow condenser, mounting brackets, standard drier, safety switch, preformed aluminum lines, firewall cover plate and all mounting hardware.

Gen IV System  $1655     

NOTE:  Some installations may requires additional engine pulleys not included with kits.  You must provide v-belts and refrigerant.

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