961062 Vintage Air for 1961-62 Impala (non-factory air)

'61-'62 Chevy Impala Gen-IV Sure Fit  System Features:

  • Electronic servo motor controls - No cables or capillary tube to route!
  • Separate high capacity heat and cooling coils.
  • Mounts behind dash.
  • AC exits through an under dash panel for non AC cars.
  • Dehumidified defrost with infinite dash/floor blend.
  • Infinite blower speed.

1961-62 Impala Gen IV Evaporator kit (non factory air car)

Vintage Air conditioning, heating and defrost combination includes mounting brackets, hardware, louvers, duct hose, wiring harness and installation instructions.

1961/62 (Non AC) Chevy Partial Kit

All ready have a compressor, the Vintage Air Partial Kit comes with everything in the complete kit less the compressor and compressor mounting bracket.

Vintage Air for 1961 and 1962 Non Air Impala


961062 Vintage Air for 1961-62 Impala (non factory air)

Vintage Air complete system 961062 for the 1961-62 Impala includes evaporator kit, compressor, condenser, mounting brackets, standard drier, safety switch, preformed aluminum lines and mounting hardware.

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