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Get the serpentine belt advantage from Vintage Air

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Vintage Air has a full line of Front Runner Serpentine Drive systems. These front engine drives offer a look that is unsurpassed in the vintage car market. You will never want to close your hood again on your classic car or truck once you start using a Front Runner Serpentine Drive System. They look cool and have power to boot.
Our new Front Runner Drive System was engineered to convert your V-belt system to the popular and more dependable serpentine belt design. The top of the line design on the market that utilizes a spring-loaded tension system for a no-nonsense, trouble free operation. The modular design based on the latest CAD/CAM architecture places all driven components in the tightest possible configuration. Systems are available in three different finishes, Polished, Chrome and Black Hard Coat.

Vintage Air does not disappoint with these sleek and compact systems. These are just some of the options you will find in our Front Runner Drive System:

●     Small Block Chevy with Power Steering

●     Small Block Chevy without Power Steering

●     Big Block Chevy with Power Steering

●     Big Block Chevy without Power Steering

●     LS Chevy with Power Steering

●     LS7 Chevy with Power Steering

●     Small Block Ford with Power Steering

●     Small Block Ford without Power Steering

●     Ford Coyote 5.0

Are you wondering what comes in the system packages? Here is an example of what you would find in the Small Block Chevy with Power Steering kit.
●      Main Truss Mounting Bracket

●      Tension Bracket

●      Power Steering Bracket

●      Stewart Hi-Performance Aluminum Water Pump

●      Polished Stainless Hardware

●      Sanden SD Compressor

●      170 Amp Alternator

●      Compressor Clutch Cover

●      Tensioner Cover

●      Crankshaft Pulley

●      Water Pump Pulley

●      Power Steering Pulley

●      Dayco Perf Serpentine Drive Belt

●      Dayco OEM Tensioner

●      Delphi-Saginaw Power Steering Pump With Integral Reservoir

●      Stainless Extended Heater Hose Nipple

As you can see, each kit will come with everything you need to get your drive engine system in order.

The Front Runner Serpentine Belt Advantage

What makes the Vintage Air Front Runner serpentine belt system so desirable?

By utilizing the serpentine style belt system the under the hood appearance is greatly improved. The modular design based on the latest CAD/CAM architecture places all driven components in the tightest possible configuration. This eliminates that heavy factory look and provides you with a clean and compact feel. The look is incredible and there is power to top it off. No more bulk under the hood with this sleek looking engine drive system.

Vintage Air pioneered the first front engine component drive system engineered for maximum performance rather than simply cosmetics. This totally engineered package solves the most critical shortcomings of conventional aftermarket accessory brackets such as: premature belt failures caused by mechanical tension, excessive belt length runs, awkward component placement, and cylinder head mount-bolt variations.

Here are some of the features that set the Front Runner system apart from the rest:

●     Exclusive block-mounted design allows any deck height/cylinder head combination.

●     Uses no head or intake mounting bolts like conventional brackets.

●     Super rigid truss-architecture design CNC machined from T-6061 billet aluminum.

●     Available in polished or black hard coat finish.

●     Exclusive fixed-position component mounting creates a super compact package within the basic engine size envelope.

●     Fits into extremely tight chassis configurations.

●     Exclusive Precision machined Hard Coated aluminum pulleys reduce weight and wear like steel.

●     Engineered to clear most GM and aftermarket tuned port fuel injection systems.

●     Pulley sizes engineered and matched for optimum component speed.

The Front Runner engine drive system truly is a unique system that you will not be disappointed with. It has the power and the look that any vintage car owner would love.

Vintage Auto Air Conditioning Is Your Front Runner System Specialist

Our experts can help you pick the best Vintage Air Product for your project.

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If you are in need of a new engine drive system our knowledgeable salesmen and superior customer support are here to help. If you are in need of you engine drive systems fast we have you covered. Most items are shipped within three business days. Therefore, you will get the service and knowledge that you need to get your project started.

 Our Front Runner serpentine belt systems also come with a full one year warranty. We stand behind our products and are always just a phone call or email away for support. We are in this business because of our love for the classic car itself and we love helping others foster that love as well.

Vintage Air Front Runner Engine Drive Systems All Marked Under Retail Price

Front Runner engine drive systems are priced up to 10% off retail.

We want your purchase to be as easy as possible; therefore, we have marked all our prices up to 10% off retail. This means you are not only getting a fantastic price, but when working with Vintage Auto Air Conditioning you know you will also get unmatched service.

Vintage Air Is Known For Quality Engine Drive Systems

The serpentine belt Front Runner system is heralded as one of the top drive systems available for classic cars.
Vintage Air Front Runner engine drive system. Our instruction manual is easy to follow and comes with support anytime you get stuck. We will never leave you in the dark and know you will find the instruction manual as easy to follow as our past customers have.

Vintage Air Manufacturing is also ISO 9000-1 certified so you know that quality is of utmost importance to the company. They are a leader in climate control systems and always use the latest technology when designing and manufacturing their products. Our Front Runner systems are trusted in our clients classic car projects and we know you will love them too.

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