Gen IV Magnum Vintage Air Conditioning
Gen IV Magnum Evaporator Only

Gen IV Magnum Evaporator Only

The Vintage Air Gen IV comes complete with Evaporator, mounting brackets, wiring harness, electric solenoid heater control valve, A/C duct hoses, drain kit, defrost hoses & ducts.

Gen IV System Features:

-Fully electronic operation

-Micro-processor controlled coil temperature monitor. No capillary tube!!

-Separate high capacity heat and cool coils

-Aluminum plate/fin A/C coil (most efficient evaporator design available)

-Copper/brass cuprobraze™  parallel flow heater coil

-In full A/C mode, air by passes heater core resulting in less restriction and increased air flow

-Blend air door for instant temperature adjustment

-Infinite dash/floor air blend

-Infinite defrost/floor blend with dedicated defrost

-Variable speed blower motor

-Positive shut off solenoid operated heater control valve in max A/C

-Multiple control panel options


49154-VUL       $12.50
Gen IV Magnum Complete Kit

Gen IV Magnum Complete Kit

The complete kit starts with the New Vintage Air Gen IV Magnum, choice of control and 4 louvers. Also included is a new 508 Sanden Compressor, mounting bracket, parallel flow condenser, hose kit, dryer and binary switch from TBI Industries. Select from the following options to custom build a kit to meet you personal requirements.


32" Wide Under Dash Panels with Louvers     $45.00
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