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We Carry Quality Sanden AC Compressor and Vintage Air AC Evaporator

AC Compressor
It can be a challenge to find the correct ac compressor ac condenser , or ac evaporator for you vintage car. You can search far and wide for an original part for the vehicle or you can give a Wheels of Time ac system a try.

All of the Vintage Air evaporators are created with industry standard Pro Engineering CAD/CAM “virtual” design programs. Rather than trial and error or just repackaging age old product designs, they continually refine their existing units and develop all new ones to be true climate control such as you would find in the finest production automobiles. In fact, Vintage Air actually engineer and produce the climate control systems for some of the world’s finest super car makers!

There is a system for almost any vintage vehicle and the service and quality of our Vintage Air products are unbeatable. We offer a number of different systems to meet your specific needs. The universal kits come in the Gen II and Gen IV offerings:

●     Gen II Super Cooler - Heat, Cool & Defrost- THE ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE LEADER! The Vintage Air state of the art Gen-ll servo motor control technology is the foundation of our most popular heat & cool unit ever.  Amazing performance is achieved with the Gen-II Super's new "D" shaped air outlets.  As an added benefit, you can position all 4 louvers wherever you need them.  The ideal unit for the largest sedans and wagons.  Features true bi-level operation in cool and heat modes and a more powerful dedicated dehumidified defroster mode.

●     Gen II Compact - Heat, Cool & Defrost- AMAZING PERFORMANCE IN A COMPACT SYSTEM!   The Vintage Air state of the art Gen-II servo motor control technology makes this mid sized package work better than most other's full-size systems.  Amazing performance with three vents allowing you to position louvers wherever you need them.  The ideal unit for the coupes and smaller sedans and wagons.  Features true bi-lever operation in cool and heat modes and a more powerful dedicated dehumidified defroster mode.

●     Gen II Mini - Heat, Cool, & Defrost- GEN-ll TECHNOLOGY FOR THE SMALLEST CARS AND TRUCKS!  State of the art Gen-II servo motor control technology is now incorporated into our smallest heat & cool evaporator.  All new CAD designed case allows more capacity and air flow than our original Compact  systems.  The ideal unit for trucks and smaller hot rods.  Features true bi-level operation in cool and heat modes and a more powerful dedicated dehumidified defroster mode.

●     Gen IV Magnum - Heat, Cool & Defrost-GEN IV TECHNOLOGY DELIVERS OEM QUALITY CLIMATE CONTROL!  Now, Vintage Air offers you true bi-level, infinitely adjustable comfort in your classic car. This large system can handle even the largest sedan or wagon.

●     Mark IV - Under Dash Cool Only-The Real Steel Mark IV is Back!  Vintage Air has created an exact reproduction of the most popular under dash air conditioner ever made. The Mark IV features an all steel case built from the original tooling. The timeless look of chrome and real steel combined with Vintage Air's proven performance makes the new Mark IV a great choice for your period perfect ride.

The Benefits of a Wheels of Time Universal System

A Real Sanden ac compressor and Vintage Air ac evaporator that goes above and beyond.

There are a number of benefits to choosing a Wheels of Time system. First is that Gen II and Gen IV units use a Servo Motor. Servo motors are not simply on-off electric switches found in conventional aftermarket a/c systems. They are variable position solid-state devices used reliably on high-end OEM systems for years. Servo motors designed into properly designed systems can deliver much greater air-door travel. This has allowed us to design our Gen-II & Gen-IV ac evaporator units with tremendous air volume increases. Conventional vacuum operated air doors simply do not open far enough to flow as much air as these units. Servo’s are not cheap. Nor are they just a bolt-in change. That’s why other companies have only reluctantly begun offering them, and why they tried for years to discourage customers from wanting a servo system. When combined with our exclusive solid-state circuit board controls the Gen II & IV servo’s can give you the most infinite adjustments for “Just Right Temperatures” in any weather or location.

The units also come with the choice of either separate coils or a single combined coils system. One of the earliest goals of the Vintage Air evaporators was compact size for early model street rods.  They developed the single “combined” cooling and heating coils to achieve minimum unit size. Over the years they have refined the designs of these Gen II evaporators and they have become the industry leader for compact units. The Gen II combined coil design has performed extremely well for over thirty years and have had almost no failures when properly installed with adequate engine coolant. The separate cooling and heating coils used in our Gen IV evaporator require a larger ac evaporator case, making them a perfect choice for larger and “later” model cars. Using separate larger coils does provide more cooling and heating capacity.

The Gen IV also has some other impressive features. In addition to separate coils and a temperature blend air door, the Gen IV also incorporates a microprocessor (or ECU).This “Electronic Brain” not only controls the door servos, it also allows us to monitor the internal A/C coil temperature without a thermostat and capillary tube, eliminating the need for a traditional thermostat and capillary tube. Eliminating the thermostat gives you complete system operation with just three controls, similar to new auto systems.

Each universal system we sell comes with:

1) A Vintage Air Evaporator, Control & Vents
2) A “real” Sanden Compressor
3) A  quality hose kit with dryer
4) Safety switch
5) Compressor mounting bracket
6) Parallel Flow condenser

Vintage Auto Air Conditioning Helps With the Tough Choices

Picking the perfect ac compressor, ac evaporator ac condenser, or air conditioning package for your project has never been easier.

With our 20+ years in the classic car air control business, we know what it takes to complete your project. You will get expert help throughout your project and incredibly easy to follow instructions with your order. Vintage Air instructions are award winning for their ease of use. Each Wheels of Time part from the ac compressor to the vintage ac evaporator is easy to install and you will be provided step-by-step guides to getting your project completed as quickly as possible.

AC Evaporator
You will also receive a 1 year warranty with all universal ac systems. We hope you never have to use your warranty, but in case you do, we are here to assist you. You can rest assured that your part is fully covered and that the majority of the Wheels of Time customers are incredibly happy. In fact, since the day Vintage Air sold their first unit back in 1976, they go the “extra mile” to satisfy customer’s needs and so do we. The fact is, when installed as directed, Wheels of Time systems hardly ever fail! We could offer a longer warranty, but our experience show that in the rare instance that a part fails, it fails in the first few months of operation. There are thousands more Vintage Air units on the road today than all other brands combined and reliability is one of the key reasons.

Quality Products, Competitive Pricing and Superior Service is Our Goal

Our Universal Units are offered below Vintage Air retail price. 

Most Vintage air parts and systems are sold at 10% below retail price including the universal units. Regardless if you are purchasing a Gen II or Gen IV evaporator or individual parts such as an ac compressor ,ac evaporator , or ac condenser , most all parts are priced at 10% below suggested retail price.

The Units Speak For Themselves

Each and every part from the ac compressor to the ac evaporator are state-of-the-art. 

Vintage Air and Wheels of Time are proud to offer these exceptional products to you directly. Vintage Air is a leader in the classic auto and street rod industry for a reason. All products will arrive at your door ready for your next project.

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