Why use a Vintage Air Sure Fit?
There Is A SureFit System To Fit Most Popular Classic Cars and Trucks

Why replace your old original R-12 air conditioning system with a new Vintage Air “Sure Fit” kit?

Consider these benefits:

  1. Sure Fits cost about the same as replacing only an original compressor/evaporator on most cars.
  2. Some 1960’s and many 1970’s cars cannot be calibrated to work properly with 134a refrigerant.
  3. You get a full 3 year warranty and a system designed to out-perform your original system.  Use R-12 or environmentally friendly HFC 134a refrigerant.
  4. Our new Sure Fit systems retain the original look look inside your vehicle while improving the over all efficiency.
  5. Optional Proline Series components are compatible with most Sure Fit systems.
  6. You get the support of over 500 authorized dealers from coast to coast to help you install and maintain your new Sure Fit system.

       These kits offer the most complete and straight forward installations available anywhere.  The award winning instruction booklets and carefully designed system package should make your Sure Fit installation job simple, fun and very cool!

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