62-65 Nova Dakota Digital Gauges VHX-63C-NOV

62-65 Nova Dakota Digital Gauges VHX-63C-NOV

The 1962-65 Nova VHX-63C-NOV Systems fit directly into your stock instrument bezel, adding many new features to your classic  vehicle.

Every gauge set has fully lit needles, back lit faces and highly visible LCD message centers.  Theses system have micro-controlled precision stepper motors and solid state sensors for accuracy. All of our gauges come with a limited lifetime warranty supported by Dakota Digital, engineered and manufactured in Sioux Falls, South Dakota,

If you are looking to up date or replace your gauges for your 1962-65 Nova, you have come to the right place.

 *Also fits 1962 Novas with the use of 63-65 front bezel, or ICM-63C-NOV reproduction bezel sold below.

Replacement bezel for 1962- 65 Chevy Nova; icm-63c-nov

Replacement bezel for 1963-65 Chevy Nova

*This ICM-63C-NOV bezel will also allow the VHX-63C-NOV to fit into the 1962 Nova.

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